Research and Consultancy Services

Beyond my roles in counselling and training, my commitment to the field of Eating Disorders has extended to active involvement in an array of projects and I am always open to discussing new collaborations and working with initiatives that align with the cause.

On the ‘Projects Portfolio‘ page, you’ll find a selection of projects I have been involved with, and this will offer some insights into the breadth of my work. Below, is a general overview of the areas and services I am currently able to offer (in other words, with which I am interested in being involved or feel that I can make a significant contribution).

Please note: I am unable to include fees and costings directly against each service as each request requires vastly different levels of time and resources.  Please discuss this with me at enquiry.

Research Collaboration, Participation, and Patient and Public Involvement (PPI):

My commitment to advancing understanding and support for individuals dealing with Eating Disorders extends to active collaboration in research.  As someone with a unique blend of lived experience, professional experience and research skills (both qualitative and mixed methods) I am happy to contribute as an expert-by-experience or in a directly professional capacity. I am particular passionate about co-design and co-authoring in research undertaken through a critical lens.

I am also adept at facilitating Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) groups or meetings, ensuring meaningful engagement when researchers themselves might not possess this skill set or service user / client-facing experience.

My main research interests revolve around eating disorder education, weight bias, risk management, iatrogenic harm in eating disorder care, counselling and eating disorders, person-centred approaches, and trauma-informed care.  I am also interested in aspects of policy that relate to these areas.


Advisory roles and Consultancy:

I am able to make a positive contribution to work being done in the following areas


Media Contributions

Offering insights, interviews, or commentary to media outlets on topics related to eating disorders to contribute to public understanding.  Television, radio, podcasts and written media considered.

Media Advisory Services

Advising in media projects, ensuring accurate and sensitive representation of eating disorders.

Advocacy and Awareness Campaigns

Contributing to or leading advocacy campaigns to raise awareness about eating disorders

Collaboration with Community Organisations

Partnering with community organisations to support initiatives related to eating disorder awareness, prevention, or support.

Resource Development

Creating educational materials, guides, or resources for individuals, families, or professionals dealing with eating disorders.

Service Development Consultancy

Collaborating on the enhancement and development of eating disorder-related services – such as assessing and feeding back, as well as facilitating service user input.

Policy Advisory Services

Supporting the formulation and improvement of policies related to eating disorders, both in a direct capacity or as a facilitator for service user input.

School Projects Consultancy

Offering guidance and support regarding school policy and pastoral processes.  Whole school awareness and training also available.

University Services Consultancy

Collaborating with academic institutions on projects related to eating disorders awareness, staff training, student support, and beyond.

Got a project in mind but don’t see anything similar listed here?

No problem – reach out via email with some details and I will let you know if it is something I can helpfully contribute to.

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