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Beyond counselling and training, my journey in the realm of Eating Disorders has involved many roles, collaborations, and impactful projects. Due to confidentiality, privacy considerations, or the evolving nature of some projects, not all details can be provided. However, below you can find an overview of a selection of my contributions.

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Some key organisations I have worked with:

A few of my publications:

Research journal article

‘An extra fights I didn’t ask for’: A qualitiative survey exploring the impact of calories on menus for people with experience of eating disorders.

Front cover professional journal article

Eating Disorders: Is inaction tantamount to negligence?

Symposium contribution at the Weight Stigma Conference

Uncovering weight bias in therapists’ responses to risk for clients with Eating Disorders

Universities I have worked with* include:

*Projects vary from university to university but include guest lectures, course development, delivering of training, contributions to research and more.

Schools and Colleges I have worked with include:

Lived Experience of Eating Disorders (LEED) Research Collective

As one of the co-founder of LEED, I contribute to a unique collective of academics, researchers, and practitioners with lived experience in eating disorders. Our distinctive approach attends to individual experiences as well as the system and structural contexts that shape this. We work towards ensuring our reseach outputs are accessible with the hope of contributing to future change in the field.

Service assesment and improvement

Some of my most rewarding work has involved actively contributing to the development and implementation of service standards. I highly value the opportunity to spend dedicated time with service providers and their clients, offering feedback that leads to tangible improvements in the support they provide.

Social Media Committee Leadership at AED

During my time as a member of the Academy for Eating Disorders (AED) I joined the Social Media Committee, eventually assuming the role of Co-Chair. During my tenure, I actively contributed to the committee’s evolution. We implemented effective procedures to enhance our operations and undertook a successful rebranding initiative aimed at expanding the organisations reach and engagement.

Collaboration with Onlinevents

I’ve enjoyed a longstanding collaboration with Onlinevents, actively contributing to their extensive library of online Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events for counsellors and therapists. Together we have created over a dozen recorded discussions, delving into various Eating Disorder topics. This partnership reflects a commitment to delivering valuable insights, fostering continuous learning, and elevating the collective knolwedge of professionals.

Some of the podcasts I’ve spoken on:

Navigating Social Media Project

In collaboration with Loughborough University, I played a contributing role in a project aimed at supporting individuals with eating disorders in safely navigating social media. This initiative resulted in the creation of a short film which explores the dual impact of social media—both harmful and helpful—and offers valuable advice for those navigating online content.

ITV Fixers Media Contribution

As part of 2013 ITV Fixers project, I had the privilege of contributing to a media feature focusing on Eating Disorder awareness. This collaboration aimed to shed light on the challenges faced by individuals dealing with eating disorders.

Creating educational resources

All the way back in 2011, I contributed to ‘The Road to Recovery,’ an animated short film for ‘Beat,’ focusing on lived experiences with eating disorders. Using animation, we aimed to convey powerful narratives and enhance understanding in an impactful educational resource that could be used as part of a larger school eating disorder education package.

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